Viral Referral Script

Viral Referral Script

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The Lowdown on Viral Marketing

Over the past few years, we've seen more than our fair share of viral hits online. As broadband speed grew faster and as more people gained Internet access, the World Wide Web has also become a convenient launching pad for a variety of viral marketing initiatives. Along with the proliferation of viral marketing online is the surge of the number of companies and marketing gurus that promise their prospective clients viral success for their brands.

But what exactly is viral marketing?

As its name suggests, viral marketing operates the same way as how virus is spread from one person to another in an epidemic: an infected person passes on the virus to another individual, who then passes it on to another until a sizable portion of the population is infected with the said virus. With viral marketing, content is shared from one user, who then shares it to another via a social networking platform, until a huge number of users end up viewing the same content.

Given how it works, viral marketing may come across as something easy to do. In reality, however, it is anything but easy. If you are a corporate entity seeking to achieve viral success with your ad for your product, you just can't post your content online and reasonably expect that people are going to willingly share it to their own volition. Far from it. To achieve a viral hit, your content must meet a set of qualifications.

• The content must resonate with a broader segment of the population.

This comes as an obvious criteria. In creating your content, you must do away with vague or demographic-specific themes that many people can't relate with. Rather, the theme must be universal both in scope and form, one that strikes as familiar or relatable for many people.

• The content must be compelling enough to be shared.

As far as viral marketing is concerned, one of the key considerations in content creation is the impact it has on users. The end product must leave such a powerful impact that anyone who watched it is convinced it should be seen by others, too. Otherwise, if many who have seen it consider it as too lame to be shared, then more likely it is a failure in the impact category.

• The content must be shared on a popular platform.

If you want a viral hit, then it goes without saying that it should be shared via a platform where it stands to gain greater number of views as opposed to a less popular platform, where it is likely to stay obscure and undiscovered. These days, social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have billions of combined users, which make them a fertile ground for viral marketing campaigns. YouTube, with its billions of views, is also home to countless viral videos.

In sum, there is no shortcut to a successful viral marketing initiative. Like everything else, your content must be backed by research and must hold a sense of universality that makes it appealing to many people.